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Messy Play – How to make Edible Moon Sand

moon sand edible sand messy play

 Homemade edible sand mini beach messy playA few weeks ago I held some Sea Life themed Messy play sessions.  As promised I have started some blogs on how to make some of the stations.  Today I will sharing how to make Edible Moon Sand.

My girls loved making sandcastles and finding shells in the handmade sand.

I love this soft fluffy sand much more than real sand.  It is clean and edible so I don’t need to worry about the kids putting it in their mouths and it is also much easier to clean up since real sand gets EVERYWHERE!

                        Edible Moon Sand

Ingredients to make edible moon sand

All you need is plain flour, cooking oil and food colouring!  You can have a few days fun for as little as 60p!

Rather than preparing it for the kids yourself, why not let the fun start straight away and let them help mix the ingredients!

I don’t add measurements, just empty a bag of flour and keep adding oil until the flour slightly thickens.

Let the kids feel the textures change by using their hand to squeeze the oil into the flour.

make edible sand how to make moon sand

Once you are happy with the consistency you can add food colouring if you want to make it look more exciting!  For the Sea Life sand I added Yellow but this time I chose Red.  My daughter enjoyed seeing the colour change.

        Messy play dough messy play sand making red edible sand

Once your edible moon sand is made add some utensils, cups and bowls to play with, children enjoy scooping, pouring & digging.

There is no need to get rid of the sand after playing, it will last a short while so cover up and put aside for another day!

We played again the next day and added water to some of the sand to make a sticky dough, Eva really enjoyed pretending to make pancakes and birthday cake.

moon sand edible sand messy play Messy play dough fun messy play for toddlers and children

This is so easy and cheap to do and children of all ages will love plying with it.  However it is called messy play for a reason!  I try to do it in the garden where possible but I do bring it indoors on rainy days……it usually ends up all over the house.

If you prefer not to do it yourself or like to get out and meet new people, then keep an eye out for more messy play sessions coming soon to The Crafty Playhouse where you leave all the mess behind for me to clean up!

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