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Memory Box for Milestone Birthdays or Father’s Day

Hi everyone!  A few of you may have seen this posted to Facebook a few weeks back but I thought a quick post and link to Pinterest may inspire others as a gift idea for Father’s Day?!

My Dad recently turned 50 so as a gift I made him this memory box and inside it I listed 50 memories I hold of him and filled the box with items that related to those memories.

Something similar could easily be done for Father’s Day!  Why not fill the box with memories you have with your dad or things that represent why your Dad is your hero?

I will soon be offering some workshops to make your own memory box, so please keep an eye out on my events and Facebook page to either visit an adults class or for children’s workshop session times.

So not to miss anyone out…..if you are not local enough to take part in a workshop or would prefer to order a box, blank or ready made/personalised boxes can be also available to order soon from the website.

Please do contact me or add a comment for any more information or suggestions!

See some of you soon hopefully 🙂




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