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Easter Crafts – Feathered Chick & Fluffy Bunny

Hi everyone, I’m starting to get back into my blogging as promised now that I am settled in my new shop!  I’ve been preparing activities for the shop and decorations for my own home ready for Easter this weekend!

As you may know I manufacture my own MDF blanks (which are all available through my website or shop) so I have been playing with a few shapes this week.

Here is what I have been up to – Please let me know what you have been making and feel free to share any links or pictures to inspire each other 🙂


Easter Chick Tutorial


Easter Chicks Tutorial

*Apply Glue to MDF shape

*Place feathers onto glued areas

*Paint beak and feet

*Add a googly eye




Easter Bunny Tutorial

*Place MDF shape on top of fabric (I’ve used Shannon Rose Plush –  you only need a 25x25cm piece available on this link for 95p)

If your brave and cut corners like me get stuck in with a sharp Stanley knife and cut around the shape (don’t forget to use a self healing mat) – preferable without stabbing yourself.  Or you can draw around the shapes and cut with scissors.

*Repeat with the other side and glue onto the MDF shape

*Cut a strip to fit the size of the sides, my shapes is 18mm thick so I cut to this width then snip small sections to fit the curves – glue on.

*Add googly eyes and a button nose


All items I use can be found on my website

Or you can visit my shop

The Crafty Playhouse

Unit 1 Victoria Parade,



M41 9BP

Have a happy Easter

Kimberley x



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