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Valentines Plush Heart Cushion Tutorial


This quick tutorial shows you how to make your own simple template to produce a cushion!

You will need:

*Card/brown parcel paper


*Paper scissors

*Fabric scissors or rotatory cutter & cutting mat

*Half metre of fabric


*Sewing machine & thread


*Needle & thread



Firstly draw out half of your shape – with the centre along the edge of the card.  Then cut out with your paper scissors



Fold your fabric face to face (right sides together) Only fold in by as far as the size of your template DO NOT FOLD THE FULL PIECE IN HALF! Make sure you check the direction of your pile/plush or if using printed fabric make sure the print is facing the right direction before the next part.

Place your template on top of the folded fabric with the centre along the fold – now pin into position.


Cut out your shape but DON’T CUT YOUR CENTRE/FOLD.  You can use scissors or if you prefer like me – use a rotary cutter – I find this easier and more precise with thick fabric



Take your pins out and open up your fabric to reveal your shape.  Repeat the process now for another identical piece of fabric.


Place your two heart shapes on top of each other face to face and pin around the edges.  Make sure you push any plush inside the shape.


Starting on a straight edge begin to sew around your shape – remember to back stitch at the beginning and end.  Leave a 2 inch hole between you first and last stitch so you can turn the shape the right way out once you have finished sewing together!


Turn your heart cushion the right way out through the hole you left then run your finger around the edges to push all edges through. Now start stuffing!


When you have finished stuffing, hand sew your hole closed.

Your cushion is now complete!

To find plush fabric, scissors, rotatory cutters, mats, thread, pins please visit my website or pop into the shop at Unit 1, Victoria Parade, Urmston, Manchester. M41 9BP

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